Paper Piecing Rattlesnakes

 Oh, calm down. Not THAT kind of rattlesnake. Why would I do that to you? Some of this is a repost from 7 years ago because I've revisited my box of paper pieced rattle snake blocks this weekend.

I rarely use anyone else's pattern (I don't get paid to do that), but I took a class 20 27 years ago with the Karen Stone paper pieced Rattlesnake pattern as the feature. I made a quilt out of flannels and it somehow fell into the hands of my daughter who used it for the dog to snuggle in. Want to see that?

Original Rattlesnake quilt
I used this pattern, published in 1996:

Karen Stone's Rattlesnake pattern

I have made a variety of units since that first quilt, some made with batiks. These will be stitched into background units to become 10" blocks:

Batik paper pieced units

This is what the unit looks like from the paper side after trimming:

Single foundation

Here are some of the batik blocks on my design wall.
10" Rattlesnake blocks being auditioned on my design wall

Here are 11 units I pieced a few years ago using some Kaffe Fasset fabrics and sparkly blenders.

11 Paper Pieced Rattlesnake units

I made a total of 20 blocks and then sold them on Etsy a few years ago!

I currently have 32 blocks in the batiks. I'm going to piece as many as I can because I need a new quilt for my king sized bed. That means I'll need at LEAST 49 blocks. I will add sashing and borders and hope to get to 100" square. I'll keep you posted!


  1. The dog must have loved that quilt or thought it was a rattle snake and tried to kill it. :-)



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