Diamonds and Blooms

Have you ever loved a group of fabrics that you've made more than one quilt? Here is the Norma Rose collection by Windham that I used to make 3 quilts!

Today I'm sharing the second quilt which is made of basic 60 degree diamonds surrounded by strips and then set with large triangles. That luscious, bold floral print was calling to me!

Large diamonds surrounded by 1-1/2" strips

I use my standard 6" x 12" ruler with those special 60 degree diagonal lines to cut my diamonds. You've seen this before. You do NOT NEED any funky, specialty rulers to do this!

Cutting 60 degree diamonds with a 4-1/2" measurement from flat side to flat side.

I sewed until I couldn't get any more diamonds. Time to put the 8 blocks together. I did have to dip into another collection for those top and bottom center triangles.

8 Norma Rose Diamond Blocks: 34" x 39-1/2"

These are REALLY tall diamonds - 19-1/2" finished (point to point). 11-1/2" wide (from point to point)

Then I had to get creative with the borders. Remember, I only had fat quarters. I really love pieced borders - they have so much more personality.

Norma Rose Diamonds Quilt: 45" x 51"

Now, believe it or not, I had a few random diamonds left over. I decided to give them only 2 rounds of strips and put them on the back of the quilt - yes, I did. In fact, I had to piece one of those diamonds:

Pieced Diamond from the back

And from the front, close up. Look close - can you see the seams? Maybe not . . .

Then, I pieced the back (which takes a whole lot longer than using a single piece of fabric):

3 Pieced Diamonds on the quilt back

Now, here's my Diamonds and Blooms quilt - I absolutely love it! Just chillin' on my back deck in the sun.

Diamonds and Blooms: 45" x 51"

I love working with 60 degree diamonds. And beautiful fabric, too. This collection did not disappoint!


  1. I love this gorgeous quilt, Debby! It is awesome!

    1. Thank you, Brenda! So very nice to hear from you. Like I always say - the fabrics make the quilt and when you let them show off, they do their best song and dance. I think another bordered diamond quilt is in my future, too.

  2. I can't decide which side of the quilt I like best. This turned out really beautiful both ways. I could not see that seam, even when I enlarged the picture. I had to go back and do the math with those diamonds and the borders as I couldn't believe they were as big as you said :-)


    1. Yes, that's an amazing set of 2 seams, right? And diamonds are really tall when bordered like that! This is one of my favorite quilts right now - and I think it's the combo of the beautiful prints and diamonds. Thanks for stopping by, Susan.


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