Two More Quilts with Creative Backs

Here is another quilt created with the awesome Sashiko Collection by Windham Fabrics. I appliquéd circles to hexagon background units. Set them with red 60 degree triangles. I shared the post last July. Check it out.

I figured I could quilt it myself on my HandiQuilter Sweet16 (sit down) and did just that. I had a very old border print, some binding, but had to really dig around for some backing fabrics. Here's the finished quilt:

Circles of the East: 42" x 42"

Here are the circles I cut from the Sashiko prints:

Then I appliquéd them to larger hexagons:

I had enough for the front, but I got a little creative with the backing. I had this awesome 20" square of cotton decorator fabric with a beautiful bird in a tree print. I centered it with two other fabrics, and this is what I got.

Back of Circles of the East

I made a 4 block Kimono quilt using these same Sashiko fabrics and shared it here before (in 2020). 

Four Block Kimono Quilt: 42" x 42"

I did share the backing before it was quilted. I had a sample from a fabric company from about 15 years ago and never wanted to cut it up. I split in down the center, and here it is!

Back of the Kimono quilt

So, if you have a gorgeous print - but not enough of it for a backing - just split it up and you can still enjoy its beauty. I had another coloring of this garden themed print and put it on the back of another quilt, but for the life of me - I can't remember which one it was. I'll be sharing that one, too, once I find it!


  1. The Circles of the East quilt could easily be used as a reversible quilt as both side are lovely.


    1. Yes, I have done this once before and I have one more of these bird panels in green waiting for the best match. Thanks!


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