2013 Block a Day Calendar is Coming!

2013 Block & Pattern a Day Calendar
I just received my author's copy of the 2013 Block a Day Calendar and I am impressed! OK, I'm not bragging so much as that I could actually create new designs after all these years (I've created the calendar since 2006). There are 70+ quilts with all the supporting blocks for a total of 320 pages of inspiration. This is more than 5 quilt books would contain. Jean Ann Wright contributed 2 months worth of projects and I couldn't have done it without her!

I have to figure out a way to give away a few copies of this on my blog. And I will be uploading a sample pattern with permission from my publisher. But for now, ask your local quilt or crafting shop if they plan on carrying it. There are some awesome patterns in there!


  1. I have not bought one of these calendars for YEARS...but you have me excited about this one! It is going on my "watch for & buy" list!

    Thanks for your great work in our quilting community online! I really appreciate your tutorials...it's like a class at home with a friend!

    Kim ♥

  2. Kim. You have made my day. What a lovely thing to say! Those calendars are so full of fun quilts and I hope you will enjoy finding one and be inspired to create a whole bunch of quilts.


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