My Real Cake Quilt

What came first? The Cake Quilt or the Cake Block? Actually, it was the quilt. It appeared in Quilt Magazine several years ago. My editor, Jean Ann Wright, loved it and we presented the pattern for making it with full size templates. While this real quilt appears to have a taller cake (more layers, more icing - YES!), you can improvise using the templates I provide in the posting below. Many thanks to Sew We Quilt for linking to my very new and modest blog.


  1. You both take the cake for me..informative, pioneers, inspiring quilters...Love having you both on board..

  2. YEAH - I'm so glad that Madame Samm has brought you to our attention! I've purchased your calendars since 2006!! Love them! I look forward to reading your blogs!! Thanks for sharing!!


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