Very Big Lone Stars

Here is another free pattern I created for Blank Quilting. I've made this quilt before and it falls in the category of Supersize 'Em Quilts (like my book). The center star is 35" square. Can't get much bigger in block size than that, huh?

Pompeii Collection, Mist Colorway
Pompeii Collection, Parchment Colorway
The quilt on the left is in the Mist Colorway. I added bias strips around each of the 8 star points for added interest (machine appliquéd, of course). The four corner border stars are 8" and are easy to rotary cut. This quilt is 59" x 59" and would make a dynamic statement on any wall. And is large enough for a lap quilt. The pattern is FREE (they pay me, we give it to the consumer for free. What a neat arrangement!)

You can get the 7 page pdf by clicking on either link. The pattern is in color and has step by step directions for rotary cutting and sewing the units.


  1. I do enjoy your writings and suggestions. Since I am new at all of this it is most helpful to find other persons also starting. By the way the name is Pat not Melvin although he is in the building. ha


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