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I have discovered that I now collect yarn and patterns just like I collect fabric for quilting! It's so portable and because of that, it's all over my house. One little pattern I got from the Lion Brand website (I have no financial affiliation with them except that I BUY their stuff) is the Little Lamb. I have yet to finish him (it's a very easy crochet pattern) and maybe I should since my grandson is growing up so fast.
Little Lamb free pattern
Should I rename my blog to "Debby Kratovil Quilts & Crochets"? And the little lion over on the right, the button for Lion Brand - I got that pattern (free) and bought the yarn. What am I waiting for, huh?


  1. I love Lion Brand yarns too - they have so many great patterns and I've made several of them.

    This little sheep is too cute. Perhaps you should change your blog to add the Crochet.

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