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From Geta's Quilting Studio - She has a love affair with hexagons
Geta Grama from Brasov, Romania - has absolutely the most beautiful blocks, quilts and quilting. I was struck by her WIP (Work in Progress) today and asked for permission to re-post her block. It just takes my breath away; how about you?

You simply must check out her blog and see her amazing quilting. She specializes in trapunto and her book is a powerhouse of this technique.
Shadow Trapunto Quilts by Geta Grama
Sometimes it's just good to sing the praises of someone else. Especially since she does such gorgeous work. Take a visit to her blog to see what I mean.
Geta's Quilting Studio
This week she has another tutorial on quilting. See what I mean (did I already say that)?

Shadow trapunto tutorial from Geta Grama
Geta has done a LOT with hexagons; and purses (she designs them) and trapunto. Hexagons I can do. Trapunto - I'd rather admire the beauty of what others do! And purses? I own two of her patterns and hope to make one soon. Her instructions are excellent. I'm just dragging my feet because it's not a quilt!

Find something beautiful to brighten up your day. This was mine today!


  1. I made one of Geta's pattern long ago when she offered one of her patterns on Quilt Gallery for one of the hops. She is just a 'phenom' isn't she!!

  2. Thank you, Debby, for featuring my work and for the kind words. I am truly honored.

  3. Hi Debby, love your flower and the quilting in and around it! For some considerable time I have be trying to learn free motion quilting and for some reason this week I think I am starting to understand the rhythm of free motion quilting. I was able to write my name and do some u shapes for the first time.

    Although I did experience a problem whilst doing my FMQ my top thread kept breaking? I was using a superior titanium needle 90/14 new of course, 50 weight thread that is made up of two threads poly centre and cotton wrap on the outside. I initially had my tension (machine set) it was 5.2. Then I would start quilting and my thread would fray apart and then break. So I decided to loosen my tension to see what would happen. I was able to do a bit more quilting but still my thread kept breaking! So then I changed my thread to a 100% cotton thread. I was able to sew some more. I did have one break in my thread again. I am now thinking perhaps it's my tension still. I did give up after that break but I haven't given in. I will try again using the same as before but lower my tension. Hoping that I won't get any more breakages. I plan on practising my starting's as it was not great and my finishing and hope that the in between quilting improves.

    Debby,I would welcome any advice that you could give me. I am using a Pfaff Quilter's Expression 4.0.

    I have been getting your blog now for a short while and found you whilst searching various other web blogs. The reason for my continue following is because I like your quilting and your quilt designs basically I have a similar taste so I will continue to follow you.

    Here is a little information about me. I reside in Adelaide, South Australia.I have been quilting and sewing for over three years now. I am a single lady and I love quilting it helps to break up my days as I no longer work due to medical issues. Having no family nor friends where I live so quilting is now my constant companion as it keeps my mind from wandering and becoming blue.

    Tomorrow I am looking forward to a quilting class (bring your own project) that I am taking at my local quilt shop it is a new thing and this is the second class I have taken. I am hoping to re lay a project that I started sometime last year and made a major mistake on whilst stitching in the ditch I ended up tearing out the previous sewing and torn a hole in my backing. Indisgust I through the quilt into a corner until tonight. I will ask for assistance in pin basting it. So I can start re sewing the top again. If you are interested I would to show it to you one day when it is finished.

    Well if you are interested my name is Julie and I can be contacted at Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge.

  4. GETA's work is so gorgeous, did you see todays pics.. oooollaaa ! I just cant imagine doing this


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