Twisted Hexagons and Fossil Ferns

I've been playing with my box of fat quarter Fossil Ferns from Benartex. I pulled 3 colors. . .

3 crayon box colors for my grandson's placemats
. . . and added a novelty print from the Baby Safari line (Benartex, 2009) . . .

3 fat quarters and a novelty print
. . . to make something for my awesome grandson. Yes, I know I swear not to do anything on my blog except quilts, but I am making an exception for Miles (2-1/2 years old) because of this amazing picture my daughter sent me last week.

Miles ready for swim lessons, wearing his mom's goggles and swim cap
Hilary, his mom, tells me that the lifeguard cannot keep a straight face when Miles shows up like this every Saturday morning for his swimming lessons. I can't keep a straight face!

What did I make for Miles and his little brother Matteo (who doesn't need placemats yet because he's only 6 months old)?

 2 Twisted Hexagon blocks with pinked edges

2 Twisted Hexagon blocks with binding
This is my new, favorite, go-to block. Easy to sew. Can be made with any size hexagon and 1/2 hexagons which are half the height of the hexagon (duh!) You sew them in a round, leaving the first seam open until the end. This is called a partial seam (not a set in seam, which is much harder).

Begin with blue, starting in the middle. Add the green and continue around.
I hope you liked what I made with these 3 Fossil Fern fat quarters. I will mail these off to Miles and Matteo tomorrow. Do you think they'll like them?


  1. Hi, Debby. I think they will LOVE them. They are as cute as can be--bright and cheerful. Just what kids like. Your grandson is so adorable. I had to smile when I saw his picture.

  2. Of course they will love them, they are so cute, and is this a type of quilting anyway?

  3. Those are darling and I'm sure they will be loved.

  4. Those are super cute and sure they will love them!!

  5. They will love them! Those are adorable, bright and cheery. I love the block, too.

  6. You make me nuts with all your cuteness...... I wish I could keep up with you. gonna borrow the block, I am making baby quilts for my new announcement of a new gbaby due in Dec..

  7. Ok, now I sorta understand, is there a tutorial?

  8. The placemats are absolutely adorable! I'm sure the boys will love them.

  9. Yes, adorable blocks. oh yes, if its your favorite could you share the measurements. It seams like you put it together like a log cabin (sort of) thank you Debbie.


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