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Following the Fossil Ferns . . .
Box of fat quarters of Benartex Fossil Ferns
I was sent this box of Fossil Ferns by Benartex over 5 years ago. I was working on my second book and I was sewing for several fabric companies. Benartex gave this to me to inspire me with projects for that book. They liked that the cover of my first book (Bold, Black & Beautiful Quilts) featured my Royal Star quilt made with Fossil Ferns. It was a beautiful cover, don't you think?

Bold, Black & Beautiful Quilts
Well, it's only beautiful because of the cover quilt . . .

The Royal Star Quilt
I decided to pull out the Fossil Ferns because of what I saw on the Benartex Blog - Sew in Love with Fabric. They had featured a quilt made by Wendy Sheppard and showed the box of Naturescapes she was working from. A Box Full of Color yelled at me from the computer screen: "GO GET THAT BOX OF FOSSIL FERNS!" I did. And I have already begun several projects using those luscious fat quarters. Hence, my Follow the Ferns series.

Just a little history: Pat Campbell designed these over 15 years ago and they are still selling at quilt shops and online. Can you believe it? This is unheard of in the quilt fabric world!!  But it's true. You can see all the colors at the Benartex site. And if you check back from time to time, I'm going to share some of the projects I have made and am making with them.

Here are two quilts from my archives that I made using these Ferns:

Fairy Baskets
A girlie, fairy print with Fossil Ferns for blenders
Shimmering Waterwheels
All Fossil Ferns with a non-descript blender background
I will be featuring Fossil Ferns in my "Shake Your Pom Poms" project in the Blog Hop (check out Sew We Quilt and Pig Tales & Quilts for the full schedule). And I'm working on my Twisted Hexagon pattern using the Ferns and some cute Benartex zoo novelty fabric.

Take a visit to the Benartex Facebook page and take a look around at their fabrics. And take a visit to the Benartex Blog. They feature new collections, have contests, fabric giveaways, and share projects that designers make with their fabrics. It's all about the fabric, isn't it fellow quilters?


  1. Fossil Fern is my all time favorite fabric collection; I was sad to find out about the passing of Pat Campbell.
    I love your quilts made with the fossil fern line; looking forward to see your new quilt.

  2. I have a 160 piece charm set of fossil ferns. I bought it to use with Mary Sorensens Simple Gifts in which I used the green fossil ferns for the backgrounds. I intended to use my charm pack for flowers and critters but the pieces weren't large enough or I didn't have enough color variations. I'm hoping your projects will help me use up that charm pack.

  3. Ohhhh i am so jealous!!! All those great colors! I love using bright colors with black for several reasons. I live close to amish, i love the way the black makes colors pop and it doest show stains as much lol. I am so impressed with your talent. Barbara

  4. I have loved Fossil Ferns since they first came out. I once bought a whole bolt of black - charcoal #51. It was so luscious!


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