In a Pickle

Bright colors always inspire me!
I showed this pic last week. Just a small amount of fabric (5 fat quarters) of the Up in the Air Collection by Windham Fabrics. Just enough to do something I've been itching to do for awhile.

So, what am I going to make? True Pickledish units. They are traditional and have a close affinity to the Double Wedding Ring. In fact, some historic block books call them the Indian Wedding Ring. Nancy Cabot, writing her famous quilt column for the Chicago Tribune wrote that this block dates back to the mid-1800s! I don't know; I just like them!

The beginnings of the Pickledish pattern
Not sure how far I will get because I only had a fat quarter of each (blue and yellow). But this is when I can get creative! Stay tuned. These will show up later this month.

I call this Ezekiel's Wheel
 Ezekiel's Wheel is a variation of this pieced arc. Not too many points. Only one block because I ran out of fabric - my typical mode of sewing! I love this little quilt and altered it somewhat to make a much larger quilt for Windham last summer:

Ezekiel's Wheel using Windham's Moonstruck Collection
This is a FREE PATTERN. Just click on the link under the picture.

I left off the spikes - yikes! But it makes for a simpler quilt. But I left the spikes ON for my Sassy Mariner's Compass:
Sassy Mariner's Compass
The center compass is a pattern in my new book. I got cockey and designed the pieced halo units (like the pickle dish units) and thought I had the math right. NOT! I was off by one inch! What to do? Create another halo (the red). It fits and it works. My book editors didn't want this for the book. They didn't like the center red/white dots. I rather like them, don't you?


  1. Funny, but I didn't see them in the center, only that border, before you mentioned red polka dots in the center.


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