This and That Sunday

Ride Collection by Windham
My husband bought a bike for me so we could ride together on Sunday (and sometimes Saturday) afternoons. I am an exerciser and walk 2-3 miles several times a week; it's a whole lot different when riding a bike! Gotta get up to speed on that. Here is a new collection from Windham and I hope to make a small "something" in the next week. Don't you just love those threads, too?

More of my favorite colors! Hot air balloons. Again, by Windham.
Windham sent me this fat quarter collection. I can see another quilt from my new book using these brights, along with some of their Spin and .Com collections. Will keep you posted.

I'm still piecing more of these Pickledish units. I am very excited about teaching this class next season (beginning in the Fall with the Georgia Quilt Show). Very easy paper piecing. Gentle curves for adding the background pieces. More like a Double Wedding Ring than the traditional Pickledish (which I just redesigned, printed foundations and hope to sew in April sometime).

These fabrics are also from Windham; their Spin Collection.

Pickledish wedge, paper pieced, before final trim
Bright, happy colors in my Pickledish wedges.
Remember, they go with this quilt block:
Four units make one block
 I blogged about this last week: Busy Sewing.
Pickledish unit
I am still traveling a lot, teaching, and hope to get some serious sewing done so I can show you new things! Spring is here and the sun is shining and that makes for a very happy day.


  1. Love the pickledish block. I've been a fan of yours for years. Keep it up girl. Hugs

  2. I love all those great colors in your pickledish blocks. They just put me in a good mood looking at all of those colors. The bike prints look like they will make something fun too.


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