Christmas Vault - Day 6

This is my cheater's Baltimore Album Christmas quilt - printed panels!
Christmas Vault - Day 6 @ Debby Kratovil Quilts

Yes, this is as close as I have come to having a Baltimore Album quilt. I found these lovely, small cheater panels many years ago and set them with red squares and triangles for a quick quilt. Just a smidgen of border fabrics and I was done. I still hang this on my wall at holiday time.

This is Day 6 of the Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop. I have been SO INSPIRED by all the marvelous creativity I've seen so far. I want to sew it all! So much fabric, so many ideas, so little time . . .

August 7
I hope you take a few minutes to visit these folks. Enjoy the ride!


  1. I totally agree; so many projects so little time. I am loving this blog hop. I have so many new projects to start. I love your quilt.

  2. Sure doesn't look like cheater panels to me! Love it just the same!! Thanks for sharing in the hop!

  3. To the non-quilter or by looking at the photo, you would never know that is cheater cloth. Love the setting and border you've added. I was just thinking about you yesterday. We are planning to put our house on the market and I've been packing some things to go to storage. I have the witch pattern I won on your blog last fall along with the fabrics to make it. It won't happen this year but maybe next.

  4. I coulldn't tell it was cheater panels. Looks gorgeous

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