Two English Paper PIecing Books

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I am teaching a new class for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo beginning in Fredericksburg, VA (October 3-5). That coincides very nicely with the upcoming Hexie Queen Hop! I have been busy sewing (by hand) samples for my classes and realizing how fun and relaxing this can be. Those who know me call me the "Machine Queen" - I love my sewing machines! I gave up handwork years ago. Until a few weeks ago!

My publisher sent me this book by Vicki Bellino and it's delightful. Here is one quilt that is a sneak-peek of what I will be revealing next week (just a LITTLE like this, mind you!):

One of Vicki's delightful quilts
What I love about Martingale books is that you can see ALL the quilts in a book before you buy it. And there is so much "how-to" information with clear illustrations for the techniques they use. There is a LOT of good information about English Paper Piecing and I even learned a few things myself!

English Paper Piecing by Vicki Bellino . . . "presents a delightful selection of English paper-piecing quilt patterns. Using gorgeous pieced elements as appliques, Vicki takes out the tedium and opens up exciting new design options. Twelve inspiring quilt patterns, from a small quilt suitable for framing to larger wall hangings and bed quilts."

I also got a second book, which is very traditional - with a twist! Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks on steroids! Beautiful, creative ways with hexagons that give so many ideas to those who don't mind making all those little parts! See all the quilts here: Quilts from Grandmother's Garden

So many hexies, so little time!
See quilts here: Quilts from Grandmother's Garden
"A little handwork-and a few quick tricks-is all it takes to create these striking quilts inspired by old-fashioned Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts. Instead of sewing together thousands of tiny hexagons, make appliqué units instead! Learn how today's inexpensive precut papers make the process a breeze-no need to draw and cut hexagons. "

Just show me the pictures!
Wreath for All Seasons
Friendship Basket with Buttons and Bows
Please come back on TUESDAY when the Hexie Queen hop begins! Until then, keep stitching.


  1. Love the cover of the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. Thanks for showing these books.

  2. ok those books look like something we will need after our hexie inspirational hop coming hexies NOW lol

  3. Oh look at the Wreath fo rall seasons tha tis fabulous.


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