The Joys of Hex, Day 7

Discovered these 40 GFG blocks in a thrift shop in Cape May, NJ
One last quilt from my Hexagon Quilt Vault. Way back when my 3 daughters were small (early 1990s) we took a little vacation to Cape May, New Jersey and stayed in a friend's beach house. I took a trip into town and discovered these 45 antique blocks in a thrift shop and the price tag was HUGE (for me): $50! I buried them behind some other items, dashed out of the store and consulted with my husband. He said, sure - go get them. Of course, it helped that I still had a few $20 traveler's checks in my wallet (no ATMs back then). I went the next day, bought them. Took them home. Stroked them. And then my insides melted into butter - these things were hand pieced and there was no way I was going to finish them by hand piecing!!

What did I do? I trimmed them, ironed the raw edges under, machine sewed them into vertical rows onto green background strips, sewed the strips together and I had my quilt! The double bed it now rests on was my parent's bed from the early 1960s, rock maple and was in pristine shape before my youngest daughter put her wet drink glasses all over the edge! Only love saved her from being strung up by her toenails!

Here's a picture of how this appeared in a previous magazine article I did on this quilt, just so you know how I did it. My philosophy is always: Get 'er done!

Now, go take a visit to our last day's bloggers. I have SO ENJOYED my hopping these past few days, haven't you? I have so many ideas . . . so little time. How to get it all done? I know - take a nap and dream about it!

Wednesday, August 28
Marjorie's Busy Corner   

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  1. What a find. 50 dollars sounds like such a bargain now. In the 90's it may have seemed like a little more.
    You finished them perfectly. Love that quilt. And yes, it's a good thing you have a lot of love for your daughter....

  2. that was a fantastic find and is now a wonderful quilt

  3. I just finished making 2 bed size grandmothers flower garden quilts for my girls...all hand sewn...check out my blog 'Quilt Stitching' for picture....I have to hand quilt them yet...I think they will be my masterpieces for all time lol....

  4. How beautiful! My family used to have some sunbonnet sue squares that washed up on the shore outside our river house. As an adult I've often wondered what happened to them, because I would love to have the resurface now!

  5. Stunning. What a great bloghop.I have been so inspired by all the lovely projects

  6. Debby, what a wonderful job you have done on this job. Have loved seeing all of your wonderful Hexie projects. This has been a great time. Thank you.

  7. Oh be still my heart! Debby, what a great find. and you made it into a real treasure! Its lovely. Thanks for sharing,
    Yes this has been such a wonderful and inspiring blog hop. I have caught the "hexie fever" !
    I hate to see theis hop end., Thanks to you, Carol and of course Madame Samm..

  8. Wonderful bed quilt you made from your find.

  9. Your cheerleading has been great, Debby. I don't think I ran into any 'no shows' even though I've been running a bit behind on visiting all the blogs. It's been super seeing all the hexie projects you've done/been doing. Thank you for sharing your skills - quilting and organizing.


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