Sweet, Sweet Roses and Free Pattern

Sweet, Sweet Roses Quilt - 55" x 55"
When my dear husband wants to give someone a gift, he first looks to me and asks: "Do you have a quilt I can give him/her?" Once I remind him that the quilt is not his to give, I usually relent and find what I assume is the perfect fit. I did decline him once when he asked for a quilt for a golfing buddy who was getting married - for the 5th time! I told him I DO NOT HONOR 5 marriages for one person.

He has a wonderful, patient assistant named Laurie who actually puts up with him (he's really a good guy, just sometimes asks for things the last minute). When he said he was probably going to buy her (another) Starbuck's gift card for Christmas, I offered the above quilt. The only image I have is the digital image, but the real quilt is awesome. (I wish I had taken a picture of it. Maybe Laurie can do that for me.)

 I made it for Blank Quilting a few years ago and it was sitting quietly on the closet shelf, probably crying to herself, wanting badly to go to a loving home. I also patterned it for Blank and you can get the pattern by clicking on the link below.

I taught this quilt as a workshop several times and I still have a little bit of the fabric left in both the blue and pink colorways. I will use it to make something girlie for my soon-to-be-born granddaughter (mid January). Finally a girl! But, I sure do love those little boys (3 and 1) who belong to my middle daughter.

The two blocks used are the Kansas Beauty Block and the Four Knaves Block.

Anyway, download the Sweet, Sweet Roses Pattern and enjoy!


  1. Debby, that quilt pattern is beautiful...such a sweet gift!

  2. Oh love this quilt Debbie. Ty for the pattern

  3. What a lovely quilt Debbie...such pretty fabric. Oh and congrats on the soon to be granddaughter...

  4. Love the name and it is a most beautiful quilt gift.

  5. no competition the quilt wins hands down over a starbucks voucher!

  6. hi debby,
    i love this quilt! you are so generous to share your quilts with your hubby. he has some very lucky friends!! thank you for all the eye candy and inspiration to the rest of us. barbara babscorbitt@gmail.com

  7. He sounds like one of my sons. I'm going to make him make a quilt so he gets how much work it is. =) Thank you so much for sharing the link to the pattern for this beautiful quilt!

  8. Debby, do you know the name of the green fabric in this quilt? I didn't have enough for the binding.


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