Casablanca Sunrise Class

New fabrics with my paper pieced rendition of the traditional Rising Sun block
Thursday and Friday I am off to visit the Eternal Quilters (aren't we all?) guild in Glen Burnie/Severn Maryland. We have all day Friday to play with fabric and learn about paper piecing (do NOT roll your eyes, do you hear me?)

They have selected the Casablanca Sunrise quilt from my book, Paper Piecing Perfect Points. (Yes, I showed this a few weeks ago). I enjoyed using two different yellows for the "blades" in the fan and then setting it on point. The students will learn how to set blocks on point and the easy formula to do so (yes, it involves math - I told you NOT to ROLL your eyes!)

Casablanca Sunrise quilt using the Casablanca Collection by Blank Fabrics
 Well, what happens when you make more than one block? Let me show you. (Sorry that the picture isn't as bright as a sunrise, but I think you get the idea). This quilt uses FOUR blocks, but because of the way I have turned 1/4 of each block, it creates the illusion of FIVE blocks. Neat trick, huh? And will you look at those stripes!

Four blocks become five - I sewed until I ran out of fabric!
Here is a digital version in blues:

Milady's Fans
The block/unit is 7" square. The four units together (as shown in the two small quilts) make a 14" block. Set on point - you do the math! (OK, here's the formula: 14 x 1.414 = ?)

Anyway, I am very excited to visit this guild. The dog is NOT happy because she sees that red suitcase sitting in my living room and is nervous. But "dad" is staying home, so she doesn't have to get in the car and go to "Spa Webb", the folks who pamper her when we both are away.


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