More Hexies Using the Hexagon Trim Tool (again)

Easy yarn bag with a Grandmother's Flower Garden block
Did I start with cut hexagons?
Love these colors!
Not for a GFG block! I use rectangles: they're quicker to cut and give me extra fabric on the back of the template. I'm showing this hexagon because it is the center of another project. I used my friend Jean Ann Wright's Hexagon Trim Tool (Checker) to make some awesome blocks:

Hexagon Log Cabin block - 8" high
How did you make those blocks, Debby? They look really difficult! Well, I used Jean Ann Wright's Hexagon Trim Tool (by Creative Grids) which makes the strips turn out perfect. Looks complicated, but all these lines mean something on the ruler:

Hexagon Trim Tool by Jean Ann Wright
I started by squaring up the sides of six blocks. Then I didn't like what I would get. It was too boring and predictable.
Each block gets four 30 degree triangles
Here's one I made using some Honeystone Hill blenders, where I squared up the sides. And I am not happy with the small triangles on the sides. Good thing I only made one with the cream triangles. But I'm in the process of making about a dozen. Don't know how I'll arrange them; I think I'll let them tell me!

Same block using the same ruler, but a smaller center
Like I said: I sewed four triangles onto 6 blocks - then I changed my mind. Rip, rip, rip. Not my favorite thing to do, but I know I had something better in mind.

Six blocks joined into a round
All straight seam sewing - honest! Each block is joined to 3 triangles (two white and one either white or blue floral). This is my new table topper (and a new pattern). Just needs to be quilted. It's about 18" high by 25" wide (I think). Hope to bind it in a stripe.


  1. not seen this tool before, love the look you get, am I right in thinking it is one hexie then just strips added like a log cabin?

  2. Great tool great results....count on you always for inspiration

  3. I saw this tool demonstrated at Gina's Bernina and was very tempted, but I would need to actually use it myself in order to have the directions stick in my head. =) Your hexagons are gorgeous in all those beautiful fabrics.

  4. Hexies! Did someone call my name?


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