The Dinosaurs Are Coming!

10,000 BC Collection from Benartex Fabrics
Today is Technique Tuesday at the Benartex blog (SewInLoveWithFabric). I took some of these bright fabrics and turned them into a few things for my grandsons.

You can't have enough pajama bottoms!
Or pillow cases (I'm auditioning fabric)
Check it out today. I show step by step directions (with pictures, of course) on how to make a pillowcase with almost NO raw edges. Neat tricks are easy and quick.


  1. ohhhh i just love the pattern and the fabric....sooo happy for kids of all ages you know..

  2. these are so adorable. wish they had fabrics like these 29 years ago. Oh well, it has been fun to watch the fabric lines evolve.

  3. Both are really cute...5 granddaughters. I have a lot of work to do.


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