Hexagon Floor Tiles in 100+ Year Old Hotel

Beautiful designs on the floor of the Plaza Hotel
The location of the floor doesn't matter. What I found amazing was to see the HUGE floor in the hotel lobby covered in this intricate pattern. You know how much I love hexagons. This design is even older than the hotel (100+ years).

Yes, I was here. Old Spain left a lot of beauty.
This was the beginning of my trip, before I sweat bullets walking the streets. I wonder how many tiles are in that floor? And to think they probably cut out each hexagon by hand. Where were their hexagon rulers, huh?

Oh, yes. There was even a wall sign created using these hexagons. The "old" man in the picture is my first husband, who was as tired, hot and sweaty as I was.
Hexagons on the wall, too!
That's it. I only blog about quilt-related matters.  Hope you enjoyed another version of hexagons. They are timeless!


  1. You have a very interesting post today, in more ways than one ! hehe
    Love the picture of you....you're a little bitty girl !

  2. Oh, this is sooo gorgeous! Can't you just see this design made into a quilt?

  3. what an amazing floor, bit concerned you saw the "old man" is your FIRST husband, sounds as though you are about to trade him in!! only joking, have a wonderful holiday

  4. What a great design for a quilt!!!! Beautiful.

  5. As Vickie said, a very interesting post. The hexies are really beautiful!


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