Pot of Blooms - a Happy Quilt

Pot of Blooms
Today, where I live (the DC area) it is rainy, gloomy, and muggy. I needed something to brighten up my surroundings. I turned to some happy quilts.

When I taught classes in the Intown Quilters shop in Atlanta, there were so many wonderful fabrics by Lake House that begged to become happy quilts. This one almost made itself - the blooms just wanted to dance on that Spring-green background. I cut them out and fused them over those awesome striped stems and those pots? Guess what? They're half hexagons - oh, yes they are!

This is on the cover of my 2014 wall calendar. I think it's the quilt for May (I lose track). But do you remember what else I did with these large flower motifs?

I used the center leaf shaped template that's part of my EZ Double Wedding Ring pattern set. I cut out all those teardrop shapes and surrounded a bold bloom with a black/white batik. Fused, appliqued, done. That's my kind of block!

From a blog hop last year - Twist with the 60s
And then I created one more project . . . uh, two?

My Twisted Hexagon blocks - oh, so easy!

Twisted Hexagon Table Runner

Two of those flowers chopped and reassembled
I hope these brightened up your day. It's still raining, but I feel a little better having visited my happy quilts!


  1. this is gorgeous Debby's!! How did you make the centres??? they Re stunning!

  2. Your flowers on each project are just beautiful!

  3. Great flowers to fussy cut and play with.

  4. Love the pot of blooms. Yes, they make me happy.

  5. all these are so nice and like everyone else the flowers really caught my eye, not sure if they are fussy cut or pieced in some way, if fussy cut wondering what fabric it is

  6. I so oooo admire that first one...the photo used for your calendar..which I still have and look at with such pride and passion for the lady behind it wink,

  7. I love the way you used the flowers!


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