Supersize 'Em Quilts
Martingale is offering my book as an eBook for $6.00! Yes, you can buy it and download it with every single page as it appears in the 110 page print version. It is in pdf format. You can see all of the quilts here:

There are 6 quilts for paper piecing, so you can print the foundations right from your computer. There is so much in this book. Sale ends at midnight December 21, 2014.

And the quilt on the cover? Would you like to see the inspiration for this?

From the Metropolitan Home Magazine - January 1982!!
I tore this page out of the Metropolitan Home Magazine years ago. I carried it with me from house to house. I was so inspired by those spikey points that I just called it The Spikey Thing (though it is called "Flower Pots and Stars", circa 1920.

Here's your chance to get this pattern (minus the pots) along with 21 others for ONLY $6.00.

Check it out, even if just to look at the quilts: Supersize 'Em Quilts

Sale ends at midnight Sunday, December 21.


  1. way beyond me but hope you get lots of buyers, also my printer is not working! seems to only ant to print by missing every 5th line

  2. How cool! Thanks for the heads up. I love that spikey thing. =) It's very appealing in either version. I can't believe you didn't lose it in all those years!


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