Mom, Can I Have These Quilts?

Gee's Bend Housetop 4 Block Quilt
She came. She saw. She took away two quilts. Why not? It's a quilt museum here!

My daughters like the modern looking quilts. I designed 8 renditions of Gee's Bend quilts for Windham Fabrics (yes! with permission of the Gee's Bend ladies). They've served their purpose and I got paid for my work.

She promised me she would actually hang these. I'm going to check up on her when I visit in January. Oh, yes I am!

From my No Sneaky Peeky class
This one, she says, will go in my two grandsons' bedroom. The first one will hang in her office.

Now I'm going to look for replacements. Remember I said that my house mimics a quilt museum. Can't have a bare wall, now can we?

Stay tuned for the first block in the Galaxy of Stars Block of the Month for 2015. It comes out January 1. And Happy New Year to all!


  1. yes i can see why your daughter took these quilts away, especially like the second one, love the randomness of the pieces of fabric

  2. Smart girl!! Don't you just love it when your daughter covets the things you make?

  3. I'm staying tuned! I love that she wanted your quilts, and I love that you gave them to her. I look forward to seeing what you put in their places.

  4. I would have begged to take those away, too! They are beautiful! I love it when one of my kids say they want something I made. It's a good feeling!


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