Christmas Pattern: Tessellating Leaves

One more Christmas quilt from long ago
I remembered this post from last December and thought I'd reshare it with you. These Tessellating Leaves work with ANY fabrics, any holiday and colors. The pdf pattern is still available. If you didn't see this last year, I am happy to offer it to you. It was published many years ago in a Quilt Magazine issue and I'm so glad I have that photo!

I think this would look good in red and white. Or blue and white.

I found this picture from about 10 years ago. I gifted it to someone and I sure hope they are enjoying it for the holidays (can't remember who I gave it to). I realized that I have the pattern in pdf format and you can piece the 4" blocks either in the traditional way by rotary cutting patches or try your hand at paper piecing.

The pattern is written for using fat quarters. Don't you just love the way the shapes interlock. That's what "tessellating" means. Enjoy!

Free Tessellating Leaves pattern


  1. very nice and thanks for sharing the pdf with us another project to add to the ever growing list

  2. I love the quilt. Thanks for the pattern, and so cool that it's for fat quarters. I have a lot of those!


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