Crochet 2015

Better than a magazine, the Crochet 2015 desktop calendar
My own calendar publisher, Andrews McMeel, is the TOP DOG in calendars! I didn't realize it until a few months ago when I did some sleuthing and discovered that they publish all sorts of calendars besides craft (quilting, crochet, knitting, etc). To a quilter, everything is a piece of fabric, I guess.

From their web site:
Andrews McMeel Publishing is the nation's top calendar publisher, annually producing calendars based on many top-selling properties such as Dilbert, Thomas Kinkade, and Mary Engelbreit, among other characters and titles, and selling more than 15 million calendars each year.

Anyway, I just received a copy of the Crochet 2015 Calendar and I've pulled out numerous pages of my new favorites. (Yes. Now the calendar is a mess with sticky notes, disorganized pages; who says I have to keep them in order?)

If you are a yarn junkie like me and are always looking for crochet inspiration, this calendar is for you. You can purchase it online in a variety of places, including the official Andrews McMeel calendar site.

Let's see some of the projects I pulled out to work on right away. (I received permission from AMM to use these images.)

First, I want to go beyond square potholders. I've made a few dozen square ones and it's time to work on some circles!

Scrap Potholders by Susan Lynn, Crafts and Things
And I've been working on some wristers, but I've gotten the sizes wrong. Maybe I should be following a pattern . . . ?

Shell Cuff Fingerless Mitts by Claudia Barbo (

I have a new granddaughter and her mother loves all things girlie. I've made her 6 cowls (again, a rectangle!); it's time to branch out.

A-Line Jumper, courtesy of Bernat yarns
And I'm back to hats and scarves, but with a little more personality.

Two-Tone Hat & Scarf by Jessica Elisabeth
Can I show you the FIRST hats I've ever made? I found a super easy pattern on the Lion Brand site and used Paton's wool. Easy! Made these over the weekend and mailed them to my two little grandsons. I'm anxious to see if they fit.

Wool blend hats for my little grandsons
Oh, so you're not into crochet? How about knitting? Or hey - I have a great idea! How about quilting?
2015 Quilting Block and Pattern a Day Calendar
This is the 9th calendar I've done for Accord Publishing (a division of Andrews McMeel. I've put the 2016 calendar "to bed" in August and now am working on the 2017 calendar. My brain is empty! I hope you can find it at your local big box store, quilt shop, or even online. Visit the online store of Andrews McMeel to see more about this calendar and order it!


  1. 15,000,000 is a lot of calendars! At first I was thinking no on the crochet, but you showed such cute projects from it, I will have to go check it for myself. I don't crochet often any more, but I do have a bag of yarn that needs to be used. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Thanks for sharing the projects in the crochet calendar that caught your eye. They look like they would be something that I could do as a beginner, but look that something that took work. It was nice of the publisher to allow you to share with us. I just might have to get a couple or three craft calendars for the ideas.


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