Christmas Quilts, Day Three (and free pattern)

Antique Rose Block: 10"
Today I feature a lovely, traditional applique block called Antique Rose, 10" x 10". It is very similar to one of the two blocks featured in my very favorite Christmas quilt shown below. I remember beginning this quilt thinking I would hand applique. Ha! After a few stitches, I tossed the whole thing in the trash, pulled out my fusibles and happily stitched it by machine. Loved every minute.

Antique Rose and Wreath Quilt
This is an antique block given to me by my then editor, Jean Ann Wright, at Quilt Magazine. It is a whopping 36" square (before borders). What do you think? I added the triple border with Nine Patch to finish it out. And, of course, I machine quilted it!

Antique Rose Quilt
What? You don't have time to sew before Christmas? Well, just save this for those crazy January days when you're housebound with snow. What? You don't get snow where you live? OK. Just save the pattern for when you have the time!

Antique Rose pattern
You can get the pdf file (for more accuracy) here: Antique Rose Pattern

Let's see if I can find more quilts in my Christmas Quilt Vault!


  1. Love both of those quilts! I'm definitely a fan of the red and green antique quilts, and a fan of hand applique, but I do a lot of machine applique these days because finishes are good. Thanks for the pattern!


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