Butterfly Blues

Looking ahead in my Block a Day Calendar to see what's coming up for June, I discovered my tried-and-true Butterfly Block in a simple quilt. You mean you didn't remember what you designed for 2015, Debby? That's right! I create these calendars 1-1/2 years ahead (I'm 2/3 of the way finished for the 2017 calendar). And 2015 is the 10th year I've produced these things! So, you will have to forgive me.

Butterfly Blues Block - 12"
I originally designed some projects for Blank Fabrics using their Inspiration Collection and my butterflies. This is actually a traditional block from about a hundred years ago!

Here is the four block digital rendition that appears on Monday:

Butterfly Blues Quilt - 33" x 33"
Now, you may be thinking: why didn't she wait until Monday to share this? Think about it. Think about it. What happens on the first of every month? GALAXY OF STARS Block of the Month!

Come back Monday for the June block. It's awesome. It's BIG. And it's easy to rotary cut. That's all I'm saying!

Back to the Block a Day calendar for a minute. You would think at this time my brain would be empty (and most days, it is). But for some reason I had a second wind this year and have designed several awesome projects for 2017:

A Civil War Sampler with 26 blocks!

A Flying Geese Sampler with 18 blocks

A Star Sampler with 16 blocks

An updated version of the historic Vintage Alphabet Quilt (Nancy Page 1930s) -26 blocks

And a USA quilt with a paper pieced block for every state (including Washington, DC) - 51 blocks

And soon to be released is my 2016 Wall Calendar of quilt blocks - just images, one for each calendar day. When my publisher asked me to do this, I said that I would like the rights to offer one or two of the patterns a week on my blog. They said, "Go for it!" Be on the lookout for those free patterns to be issued concurrent with the calendar. Ask your quilt shop to carry it. I'm pretty sure the big box stores will have it in the calendar section. These blocks are taken just from my first 2 years of blocks! Is my head empty yet?


  1. Where can I get the current calendar?

  2. Hi, Tate. You're a "no reply" blogger and so I have no way to get to you via email. I just checked Amazon and you can get the 2015 Block a Day calendar (new) for $7. That's half price, a good deal. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Debby, I still treasure the calendar you gave me as a hostess gift when you came to present to Pax River Quilter's Guild. Now I know what to put on my Christmas list...a 2016 Debby Kratovil Calendar! And you have made it into the big box stores! Wow! My dream is to make a sampler quilt...lots of blocks to choose from! Thanks, and God bless.

  4. I absolutely adore your butterflies...they are the sweetest...

  5. I am in awe of your plans, Debby! I look forward most to the Civil War sampler, because I never seem to get enough of that. I'll want to check out all of them and the calendar, too! You are amazing! Oh, and I love the butterfly, too!

  6. I like your butterflies. They are pretty.


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