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Sometimes I think it's wise to listen to the voices in my head. They advise me about my quilts and usually are not wrong. Well meaning friends gave me their input on this new quilt that I've been working on for a few years. I would start; stop; pick it back up, and so on.

I first made this one block quilt . . .

One block Ezekiel's Crown quilt
I was just test driving making those pointy curved arcs. They remind me of a Pickledish unit. I liked them. Ran out of fabric so I began again with a new group. But I found I was running out of the green fabric and had to substitute some similar print (but same hue). Can you find the substitute?

Four Block Ezekiel's Crown Quilt
Now back to what those friends advised: Make more blocks because you need unity that runs along the diagonal. It should be a 5 x 5 block quilt because the opposing corners should have the same ending colors. Say what? I don't make quilts to show a design or to be artsy. I look for contrast, strong colors and I love the positive-negative way these blocks look. And my favorite part is that this is one of my several quilts where four blocks look like there are five blocks (see the center block formed by 1/4 of each of the other four?)

Those voices in my head were right. Just make what you love and be happy with it!

(This is a new workshop offering and a pattern that will eventually make it on my Craftsy site.)


  1. great blocks but they look oh so complicated curves must be so difficult but these are wonderful, could not spot the fabric you substituted

  2. I love it as well. To me, it gives the illusion that the center ring is floating above the other four. Or do I just need another cup of coffee this morning. I really enjoy your blog and your work.

  3. can't see the two grns without my glasses, but if they are that close..... had to look a second time to see the parts of the block. love the illusion. this is why you are the best designer who doesn't rely on the computer to come up with a pattern. your head is better. will wait (not patiently) for the next addition to my growing list of your patterns on the list to be made "my way." thx Debby,
    mtrichka at

  4. That is really beautiful. I'm glad you listened to your head.

  5. Hi, Debby,
    Such good results from listening to the voices in your head! I like the play of the blocks to create the center ring. I'll watch for this one on future Cleveland Expo schedules. My stash has already made suggestions. I, too, follow the voices in my head, especially when it comes to fabric choices and layouts. Although they know and like me they do occasionally misdirect me - having their fun, I'm sure - but even then it's an interesting trip! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com).

  6. As long as the voices in your head say to quilt, you will be okay :-)

    I love these quilts where you use the same number of blocks, but by rotating them you come up with something that looks completely different. If you hadn't told me, I would never have guessed the second one was made from 4 blocks of the first one.


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