Sunbonnet Sue for Baby

I received a lovely email from Vicki, who purchased a copy of my Sunbonnet Sue pattern from my Craftsy site.
Sunbonnet Sue bed quilt

She showed me a six block quilt she made for a friend's baby using the Sunbonnet Sue applique. She did this in less than 2 month's time. When I saw it I immediately had itchy fingers, wanting to make a few blocks myself. What? Wasn't it enough to make that big bed quilt?

Here is Vicki's quilt (with her permission, of course!) Isn't it fabulous? So scrappy with so much color and texture that any child will spend hours just exploring the different fabrics. The blocks in this pattern are 14" square.

Vicki's Six Block Sunbonnet Sue Quilt
I did make a single block quilt several years ago. I used scraps and gave Sue a darker skin color. That's all the skin you can see because she hides her face under that big bonnet! I call it "Amish Sunbonnet Sue", but there's nothing Amish about her clothes. Have to eliminate those printed fabrics and only go with solids. See how much I know?

Amish Sunbonnet Sue: 10" x 12" block
I always enjoy seeing what people make with my patterns and from a workshop. Thank you, Vicki! I know the recipient of that quilt will treasure it for many years.


  1. Cute quilts with that Sun Bonnet Sue! It totally reminds me of my childhood when I see her. Love it!

  2. I have some Sunbonnet Sue's that my motherinlaw did in polyester. They're put away for safe keeping until I decide what I want to do with them.

  3. Cute quilt. The Sun Bonnet Sue is one of my favorite patterns to make.

  4. Oh, how I love Sun Bonnet Sues'. My heart skips a beat every time I see her and I want to start another quilt. Rarely do I see a darker hand on Sun Bonnet Sue. Very nice and thoughtful change. So sweet.

  5. Very sweet. I love Sunbonnet Sue! Have made a few, many MANY years ago. I firgot how sweet she is. I love your rendition of the block, perfect for baby!

  6. Some little girl with love her quilt. Great textures as you said.

  7. Her quilt is wonderful, and I love your bed quilt for any child or a guest bed. That's a pattern I've long been fond of making.


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