And a Little Crochet . . .

Sometimes I find some luscious yarn at a good price and grab several skeins. Last week I came upon some 100% cotton yarn by Isaac Mizrahi. It is SO SOFT! I generally make potholders. And more potholders. And even more potholders. This is because I can crochet without thinking after the 33 chains. Honest. It's a piece of cake.

(I'm still waiting to hear back from my Windham and Benartex fat quarter bundle winners from last week. I'll let you know when they get back to me.)

Can I show you my previous piles of potholders made with Lily's Sugar and Cream?

Yes, I love color and texture - in yarn as well as fabric
I make these all year long and have little hostess gifts always on hand to grab and wrap in tissue.

Here are my two potholders from this week using the new yarn:

I love variegated yarn!
I chained the necessary 33 for both of these potholders. But I used an H hook for the cream/gray potholder and a J hook for the blue/gray/green one.

Let's see if there's any difference . .
Yes, there is! About 1/2" in both length and width
That just goes to show you that you should always follow the suggested hook size on the yarn paper.

I bought 5 skeins of the cream/gray and 3 skeins of the blue/gray/green. It was on sale for $1.99 a skein (175 yards); retail was $5.99, so I felt like I got an awesome bargain. (This was at Michael's)

I don't knit. Don't know how and don't want to learn. And I'm very boring in that I really don't crochet much of anything else except charity hats for kids (in the winter) and cowls for my daughter and granddaughter. I'm really into easy, I guess.

Are you into the yarn arts and what sort of things do you like to make? Do you knit or crochet and where do you get your yarn?


  1. I love to crochet and to you, I like a project that I can do while I talk with someone, or watch a movie with hubs, etc. Love that pattern....I'm off to look for it. LOL

  2. I have not done any knitting or crochet in a long time. Last was a crochet edging for a mini wall hanging.

    I never saw who the winners were from 7/26. Would you repost, please. I would hate to think I was missing out. lol

  3. god to have a bit of crochet on the go, I struggle following the instructions so only do very basic, knitting is no go as it seems to hurt the finger joints too much, mind you I am finding hand stitching is also causing a bit of pain

  4. Would you share the pattern for the crocheted potholder with us? Thanks.

  5. Hi, Debby,
    I do both - crochet since early 1970's, knit for about 10 years - mostly scarves (good take-withs for waiting rooms), afghans & throws, anything where gauge doesn't matter much (I save precision for fabric cutting and quarter-inch seams!). I occasionally try new patterns to learn a new stitch - working on a multi-color Bavarian crochet throw now - but especially enjoy simple stitches of my own choosing that I can do in the evening while watching TV, after my eyes don't want to sew & quilt and my head doesn't want to think hard, but it's not time to "give up" yet. I struggled with tension when knitting until one day when I picked up the project I laced the yarn through my left hand fingers as if to crochet, and fell into "continental pick" knitting. After that it became fun.

    Your potholder looks like one I like to do in cotton yarn, where I crochet back down the "other side" of the chain and continue in the round, creating a pocket that folds on itself perpendicular to the starting chain, then slipstitch to close the opening. I enjoy doing multiple sizes from coasters to hot pads. Sometimes I insert insulated batting before stitching closed for extra-protective pads.

    Thanks for the memory lane trip! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  6. Well of course I'm into yarn and I have the stash to prove it. I seem to start things and not finish them. In Feb I pulled out an '80s sweater I bought from a catalog -- brain fart, can't think of the name -- but you know the one that has wonderful pictures you knit into sweaters. I knew I would never finish this sweater with bobbles all over the front, the sleeves and the back. UGH. So I ripped out stitches to the non-bobbled part and have started stitching like a fiend. I am putting a few stripes in because I know I will run out of the main color. I was making great progress and then put it down and haven't picked it up since. Sigh. I think I'm not willing to find out if I will run out of yarn. Who knows what my brain is thinking though. I suppose I'll take heart and bring it out again when the weather cools down. Now when motivated to knit I do socks. Takes me a long time to make them but I can do much of it without thinking a lot. Crochet -- I don't like as well but I can do it. I'm trying NOT to buy yarn so please don't share great sources and prices with me. At least yarn stash isn't as out of control as the fabric stash is.

  7. I love to crochet, knitting not so much. Lately I have been crocheting thread spool doilies for my Featherweight from size 10 crochet thread. I have done several so I can change them out and also am doing them for my friends. I have also been doing crocheted dish clothes for people. I use my scraps of yarn for these and don't worry about precision. I tried making some of the really pretty ones and discovered my aunt and others wouldn't use them dishes because they were "too pretty". Now I make them just plain so they will actually use them. My next project is going to be with Tunisian crochet - I have really wanted to learn it because it just looks like fun!

  8. Those are so pretty AND practical. I enjoy knitting.....crochet, not so much.

  9. I can crochet, but knitting has never worked out well for me. =) I make an occasional baby afghan, but the repetitive motion isn't good, so I don't do it often now. I enjoyed seeing your potholders.

  10. I love to crochet! My mother tried to teach me knitting but I never got the hang of it. My favorite thing to crochet is doilies with crochet thread...I love the delicate lacy patterns. I have also made many afghans, dishcloths and a few amigurumi dolls. Lucy at Attic24 has a couple of free blanket patterns that look really easy and great for using up a stash of yarn...I'm planning on starting one soon. They are the Cozy Stripe blanket and Granny Stripe blanket. Can you share the pattern for the potholders? I'm looking for something new to use up a few skeins of cotton yarn. Thanks!

  11. I love to crochet and just finished a small afghan for my niece. I am teaching a class of children how to crochet and their favorite thing to make are these pot holders and dish cloths. This same group asked me to teach them to sew, so I am trying to incorporate a crochet project into a sewing project, like a large dish cloth into a small purse.


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