Windham Wednesdays and More Shot Cotton Blocks

I absolutely love the Hosannah/Palm block. Historic and traditional, but can you believe those points? Never would have made these using templates, would you?

Traditional Palm Leaf block with templates
You've seen these blocks before. And you've seen this  Artisan Cottons Collection by Windham Fabrics before.

Artisan Cottons by Windham Fabrics
 I had just enough of the background grey/white mini print to make 8 Palm Blocks (10"). What do you think?

Four 10" blocks (paper pieced)
And here is the second set of 4 blocks . . .

Four 10" blocks
Here is what the block looks like on the back with paper still on.

10" paper pieced Palm Block trimmed with paper still on
CAUTION! Don't get ink jet ink anywhere near the blocks with paper still on. Can you see the bleeding on the first set of blocks, right above the "D" in my name? Yikes! I had wiped off my kitchen counter and thought I had dried it - NOT!

And here is a block with the paper removed. Because I trim as I go, allowing for 1/4" seam, the back of the block is neat and tidy and looks as though I used templates!

10" Palm Block with paper removed
I am able to print these on my wide format printer. But when that wasn't working for the past 2 years, I had to draft it. It's really easy and I hope to offer this technique as a Craftsy pattern in coming weeks. Then you can draft ANY size Palm block for foundation piecing.


  1. These blocks are wonderful. I like how you are using the solid fabric for them.

  2. I love both blocks, and what's a little ink among friends? I have never made this block, though I have that book. Somewhere. =)

  3. I really love these blocks and I like the look of the shot cotton...a really nice combination!

  4. Those blocks are fantástic.

  5. Lovely....I made these blocks years and years ago without the paper piecing...templates. it was done in muslin and a soft mossy green..was called Hosanna

  6. Hi, Debby,
    I like how your Palm Block works with pretty much any fabric you use. Definitely a keeper and worthy of the "classic" designation! Windham's Artisan cottons are great colors and just what we need sometimes: strong but not in-your-face. Always good to see what you're up to next!
    (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  7. I didn't think about using solid colors with this pattern. I took your class for this pattern in Georgia and made a 3 block hanging that I am about to quilt. I will have to try another with the solid colors. So cool!


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