Green Farms and More Cow Fabrics

Remember my post from last week about making that cow quilt so I could go to Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil-A and get a free meal? Oh, you don't remember the quilt? Allow me (but first put down your cup of coffee):

Simple Cobblestone block
And now 16 blocks together!

Holy Cow! quilt
I wanted an ice cream cone. They were only giving away entrees. Sigh. And I really looked silly with this as my Super Hero cape (try not to think about it).

Well, here is the entire collection:
Green Farms Collection by Benartex
Don't you just love the little chickies and piggies and sheep? Perfect for any little child.

And this is what I made for my little granddaughter, Eva (who is 1-1/2)

Pinafore or painting smock
 I used this pattern before. It comes from the wonderful book called "One Yard Wonders"

And it all began with the Cow Appreciation Day reminding me that I had some cow fabric from Benartex. Then I saw all of the companion prints! Do you think I might have too much fabric? Ha! That doesn't make sense, does it?


  1. your cow fabric has worked well laughed at you going to the eatery with it, a cute little dress, Can a quilter have too much fabric?? NO NO NO she can`t

  2. Precious! I adore your quilt and the fabrics are so cute. Makes me want to go buy some for a table topper!

  3. Wow, they wouldn't give you an ice cream? That's cheaper than chicken. I think ours would have give it to you. They have senior lemonade all the time for free. I love the quilt, though it is a little ... um ... eye popping? =) The bib-top is adorable. I think she'll love it. There is NO such thing as too much fabric. Bite your tongue. ;)

  4. That is so cute. Great idea for a little one.

  5. So cute!!! I love cows. I could have too much fabric, but I may have to go buy some of that!

  6. Cute bib. Neither of my kids use bibs with their daughters after a few months. So, no cute bibs made by me. Hum, well, did you get a meal then?

  7. So what did they think? Did they give you a free sandwich?


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