Cow Appreciation Day

I saw an ad for Chick-Fil-a the other day that asks people to come to any of their restaurants dressed up like a cow and they would get a free meal. (July 14, next Tuesday) Fun, huh? It reminded me of some Benartex fabrics called Green Farms that I have that are perfect for this.

Two skus from the Green Farms Collection by Benartex
While this is not a new collection, it is from this year. And my mind started planning. Do you think Chick-Fil-a would give me a meal if I came in with a quilt? Hmmmm?

Here are two blocks of the 16 I've already sewn. These are simple cobblestone blocks and will finish to 9". I'll keep you posted.

Block #1 - 4" center square; 2-1/2" outer strips (cut 3")

Block #2
Here is a digital image for my border. This is going to be a very simple quilt which will end up making some little child happy. Will it make Chick-Fil-a happy?

This will be the border for my quilt


  1. It would sure as heck make me happy. I'm cow crazy. It's one of my collections along with flamingos,poodles and Betty Boop!
    LeeAnna at Not afraid of color!

    PS I had a class with you in Annapolis. Remember me? The beautiful one, who made perfectly pieced quilts? lol

  2. Hey Debby - great minds think alike - I'm finishing up a cow/farm quilt too. Maybe we can hit the restaurant together ! ;)

  3. I am sure they will honour their free meal deal a great idea for using your cute fabric and will make a little one very happy

  4. This is too funn. Go for the free meal, if the manager is there I bet you will get a free meal. Plus, casually mention your blog and the fact you gave them free publicity. Now, why do I have a clown costume instead of a COW costume?

  5. I can't wait to see if it works. My grandkids love the Cow Appreciation Day.

  6. If there were a Chick-Fil-a on my side of the state let alone in my state, I would try it.

    I love the cow fabric and your little quilt.

  7. Super cute fabrics. Debby ~ all you would need to do is pin some of the quilt blocks to your clothing and you'd probably be good for the free meal next week.

  8. Debbie you have a regular dairy farm going in that material careful those cows will have you out milking morning and night lol

  9. Let us know..we will all be making that cool quilt

  10. Cute, cute, cute! Go for it and happy eating.

  11. Much easier to look at one at a time. LOL


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