Crawfish Runner for Gumbo and Critter Boil

OK. I'm not from Louisianna, but my friend Jeannine's husband's family is and she knew that the fabric  I showed her was NOT Maryland crabs but CRAWFISH! Evidently, there is a difference. I had a few pieces from the Craw Daddy Collection from Benartex and I gave them to her gladly. "Go make something!"

And she did, using my Half Hexagon Braid pattern for the runner:

Crawfish boil ensemble by Jeannine D.
 Made a super sized set of mitts that will fit her husband Bill's hands

Can you believe these awesome mitts?
 And the table runner using just one row of half hexagons:
Half Hexagon Braid table runner
My pattern dates back 20 years when I first did it for Quilt Magazine. There are several others on the market today, but mine came first!

Jeannine always amazes me. To me, every piece of fabric yells "QUILT." To her, she sees all sorts of other useful things. She inspires me to climb out of my little world and make, well, useful things!


  1. Fun projects! Sometimes that novelty fabric is so hard to use, but she did a great job with her projects.

  2. this shows how a design can still look very today even though 20 years old these projects have worked so very well

  3. Is she sure those aren't crabs? I thought crawfish were more like shrimp? No matter love that table runner and the mitts. Is she going to have a crawfish boil? I'd be happy to visit then!

  4. Yes, they all yell quilt to me, too, because that's all I like to make. LOL She did a great job, and I know her husband is loving those big mitts.

  5. I love the runner design and fabrics!

  6. Super cute ! It's amazing the pattern is that old, it's so right now !


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