Cream and Sugar Revisited

No, I'm not talking about what goes into my coffee. I only take cream, ok? My husband takes cream and sugar. Those are important distinctions in my house!

I'm talking about a Windham Collection from a few years ago that keeps calling my name, and I pull out the bits and pieces left over from the stash. Cream and Sugar by Ampersand Design Studio has all the colors I enjoy sewing with. These fabrics are from the summer of 2012, so I know they're not readily available in shops.
Cream and Sugar fabrics
Allow me to show you some of my creations:

First is my Modern Melons Table  Topper (17" x 17"). This uses the center melon shape from my Double Wedding Ring template set.

This appeared in Modern Patchwork last year
And another one with different fabrics and center:

Overlapping petals with a felt center and covered button
I got a little crazy with some handwork and created a dimensional button using circles of fabric. Four petals for the flower; five petals for the leaves.

The center is a covered button and I attached a pin to the back (but I'm too shy to actually wear this).

Fabric flower
And another view . . .

Oooohh. Do you like that quilting from the back? What does it look like from the front? See below.

Then I made a really crazy table topper using my favorite shape: hexagons. The crazy part is the bling of ribbons that I inserted in those seams. I use this as a machine quilting sample in my workshops.

Ring of hexagons with some bling!
And anything else? I made several of these tilt blocks using my Arrowheads template set (same angles as the Tri-Recs tool by Darlene Zimmerman).

Squares cut for my Tilt Quilt

Squares and triangles to tilt them with!
And the blocks . . .
Cream and Sugar fabrics for tilt blocks
I sewed these into a top that measures 47" x 51". Bad photo in my sewing room, but I layered it yesterday with batting and backing and I plan to quilt it soon.
Tilt Quilt top (in bad light)
And I saved the best (I think) for last. This quilt uses the Mango Tango pattern from my book: Paper Piecing Perfect Points. Here are some process shots:

Red Mango Tango
This is my teaching sample showing how four of these blocks (with the 1/4 unit turned 180 degrees) creates the illusion of 5 blocks (where there are only 4).

4 unit compass with one quarter turned 180 degrees
 And how does it look with the Cream and Sugar fabrics?

Teaching sample using Cream and Sugar
 But I decided it was time to sew these together and to make a small quilt.

Mango Tango compass
Using only bits and pieces, I only had enough of any fabric for two borders. So, I used two different fabrics! Don't you just love this? The binding is one of Windham's solids.
Mango Tango compass in Cream and Sugar
 OK. I didn't intend to make this so long. I am finishing up writing the patterns for my Craftsy shop for both the Flower Table Topper and the Mango Tango (both the red one and the Cream and Sugar one). I'll keep you posted. Hope you enjoyed the show!


  1. Hello Debbie! How wonderful 2 posts on the same day! Using your templates from the DWR is a great idea, one I had not thought of doing. Funny how great ideas like this can slip past some of us forever; yet they make such fabulous projects. All of your quilts are great, especially the paper pieced ones, I adore the fabric combination you chose. Thank you for sharing and have a great day!


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