Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 12

Thank you for joining me for Week 12 of the Quilter's Block a Day Calendar by Patricia Bryant of Australia. I am just as awed as you are at how Patricia created not only the blocks, but also staged and photographed them for us!

March 19:  Millstone

March 19" Millstone, 12"
The first day of Spring!

March 20: Moving Star (don't they all move, or is it us on Planet Earth that move around? Not sure!)

March 20: Moving Star, 12"
 March 21: Patches and Leaves

March 21: Patches and Leaves, 12"
 Can I show you my own Patches and Leaves? Why not? It's my blog, right?

Patches and Leaves Table Runner
March 22: Kaleidoscope

March 23: Kaleidoscope, 15"
 March 23: Baby Bunting
March 23: Baby Bunting, 12
 And a Baby Bunting quilt from years past:

Baby Bunting Quilt from "Paper Piecing Perfect Points" book
March 24: Hill and Valley. Hey! The ants are back! And they brought their neighbors. Better check my kitchen!

March 24: Hill and Valley, 12"
 March 25: Indiana Puzzle

March 25: Indiana Puzzle, 9"
Another week. Another set of 7 beautiful blocks by Patricia. See you next week!


  1. I am in awe of Patricia. So wish I was that motivated! :-) Her blocks are absolutely beautiful, and the staging . . . WOW

  2. Debby, I love your baby bunting quilt! Love all the colors you chose. I look forward to these weekly posts. I hope you don't mind but I have shared your link on my blog. ~smile~

  3. I think she's just the most creative photographer! Making the blocks was great, but sharing the photographs of them done so artistically is definitely icing on the cake!

  4. Hello Debby! Once again, Patricia has delighted us all with her lovely blocks and the creative photographs she contributes also. Each and every block of the day takes several revisits to see if I missed anything and just to enjoy the beauty. I am wondering, Patricia, if you could tell me about the gorgeous giant flower in the Moving Star scenery? It reminds me of the Magnolia flower a friends mother once had in her yard. Thank you Debby for also designing these lovely blocks and sharing your fabulous quilt projects also! Have a great day!


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