Quilter's Block a Day Calendar Week 11

Another week, another set of beautiful blocks by Patricia. Get ready to put your Irish Green on, because this week celebrates St. Patrick's Day with Irish themed blocks.

March 12: Four Tulips

March 12: Four Tulips, 9"
March 13: Good Luck (isn't the number 13 unlucky?)
March 13: Good Luck
I actually made a quilt (more than one, in fact) using the Good Luck pattern, but I used a quick cutting technique that eliminates these odd shaped templates. Check it out on my Craftsy pattern page.

Good Luck Quilt with 13-1/4" blocks. 79" x 79" quilt size
And a smaller version made with juvenile prints which I gave away to a charity that donates these to children in hospitals. Pattern for BOTH of these quilts is in my Craftsy shop: Good Luck Quilt
Four Block Good Luck Quilt
March 14: Rocky Road to Dublin Variation

March 14: Rocky Road to Dublin Variation, 12"
March 15: Shamrocks

March 15: Shamrocks, 6"
March 16: Lucky Clover

March 16: Lucky Clover, 12"
March 17: Double Irish Cross
March 17: Double Irish Cross, 10"
March 18: Double Irish Patches

March 18: Double Irish Patches, 10"
I can hear the bag pipes playing and see the dancing men in kilts. Can't you? Hope you enjoyed this special show of green!


  1. I enjoy this parade of blocks from the calendar each week. Beautifully made and just so wonderfully set for photos.

  2. I do, too! Patricia has made these come alive for me and every picture makes me smile (especially that frog!). Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh how great! I have enjoyed so much seeing these finished blocks, but I really love the good luck quilts. My favorite one is the first bigger one in pink but I am 100% sure a child really enjoyed your thoughtfulness. Thanks for sharing Debby! Sharing on my blog, too, if you don't mind.

  4. Another wonderful batch of blocks!

  5. Hello Debby, All of the blocks this week that Patricia has done are once again just fabulous! I especially liked the Four Tulips block and the Double Irish Cross Block. Thank You for sharing Patricia's blocks with us once again and Thank You for designing them. Have a great day!


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