Tutorial for Making the Cream and Sugar Flower

I had a request from a friend for the pattern for this. How about a few pictures, some cutting numbers and you use your gray cells to make one of these?!

Cream and Sugar Flower with covered button center
I no longer have the exact fabrics for this, but I have pics with the steps. Here we go!

Select two fabrics, one for the flower and one for the petals.
  • Cut 4 circles of the flower fabric (petals): 5-1/2" diameter
  • Cut 5 circles of the leaf fabric (orange in this pic): 6" diameter
  • My covered button for the center is 1-1/8" (Dritz). The one you see below is fussy cut. Directions for covering these buttons is included in the Dritz package, as well as a circle cutting template. (Other companies make these. Check out big box stores, Michael's, A.C. Moore, etc)
I used lids from yogurt, cottage cheese - you get it. Actually, size is arbitrary. These can be made smaller or larger as you wish.
The basic ingredients
Different fabrics next, but I had these already made:

  • Both flower petals and leaves are stitched the same. You can do this by hand or machine. Fold circles in half, wrong sides together and stitch 1/4" from raw edges as shown.
  • Gather as shown. Secure your stitches to keep gathering in place.
  • Sew the four gathered circles of the flower fabric together as shown. It can be messy; the back will be covered up. The key is to keep them from coming loose.

Flower petals sewn and joined; leaves in process
Four gathered flower fabric circles joined
Stitch the 5 leaves together in the same way. Either stitch or hot glue the flower unit on top of the leaves unit. Cover with a felt or wool circle as shown on back.

Safety pin added so this can be secured to a dress, coat, anything!

Back of Flower. Size is approximately 5" x 5"
And how about seeing it in relation to a real person (yes, I'm a real person!)

Debby with her fabric flower with button center
This is all I have. I think I saw something similar to this on Pinterest several years ago. I used my own measurements (based on my cottage cheese lids!)

Hope you enjoy this. I have a bundle of circles already cut out and two packs of Dritz covered buttons. Maybe I'll make some in my upcoming travels.


  1. So gorgeous.Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Hello Debby! These fabric flowers are lovely! I am always on the look out for tutorials to make them. I then use them in gift wrapping, put them on fabric baskets, tote bags and wreaths. I know these will be fun to make. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day!

  3. Thanks, Debby! I love it - cottage cheese lid! You make me feel more normal, considering some of the things I use to measure and trace. ;)


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