Quilter's Block a Day Calendar Week 10

Sometimes I just can't count. I labeled last Sunday's blog post as Week 8 (and it was Week 9). Don't tell anyone I used to be a high school math teacher . . .

March 5: Blooming Hearts
March 5: Blooming Hearts, 8"
March 6: Calico Puzzle
March 6: Calico Puzzle, 9"
March 7: Celebrate (that's because it's the birthday of my firstborn daughter!)

March 7: Celebrate, 6"
March 8: Single Irish Chain (are we getting ready for St. Patrick's Day, or what?)

March 8: Single Irish Chain, 9"

March 9: Dublin Steps (wow - if your family heritage is Irish, there are a lot of blocks here for a family ancestor quilt!)
March 9: Dublin Steps, 12"
March 10: Flight of Swallows

March 10: Flight of Swallows, 12"
March 11: Double Trees - look how Patricia hung the block and calendar, suspending them between - wait for it! - two trees!
March 11: Double Trees, 7-1/2"
Thanks again to Patricia Bryant of Australia for not only sewing these blocks but staging the photography so beautifully. I know many of you are enjoying the show - and I certainly am, too!

Don't forget. If you own the calendar, you can download the free pdf that lists the 366 blocks by size (instead of only alphabetically).

Here it is in case you missed it: Quilter's Block a Day Calendar Size List


  1. Another fabulous grouping of quilt blocks with superior photography. Thanks to both of you for sharing it.

  2. I have to agree with Susan - and I am enjoying these weekly updates very much!

  3. Hello Debby. I agree with both Susan and Roseanne. The fabric used in Fabric Swallows is so beautiful. Plus, what a fantastic block name. I also had to giggle a bit with the Double Trees hanging the way the block is. It truly is a fabulous idea and catches everyone's attention! Patricia Bryant has done a marvelous job at creating all of these blocks and you in designing them. Thank you both very much!


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