Houses with Stripes and Florals

I saw a Kaffe Fassett quilt in the Glorious Patchwork book (1997) that inspired me to make my own version of houses. His is composed of strip pieced bottoms and various triangles for the roofs. I like to get my fabric to do as much work as possible, so I pulled out several of his striped fabrics and this is what I got.

First, I had to determine what size I wanted my houses. I didn't want them 5" x 10" as are in the book. And I composed the roofs in a very different manner. I settled on a 6" x 9" house/roof/sky combo. My roofs are simply Flying Geese units. I cut 7-1/4" squares of "roof" fabric into 4 equal sized triangles, so I had 4 roofs per print.

Flying Geese units for roofs
You can also see some of the main house striped fabrics. I cut these 6-1/2" x 6-1/2".

6-1/2" squares of a variety of stripes
But, looking at the fabric I selected for sky fabric left me less than enthusiastic.

Several house blocks sewn with blah sky fabric.
I made 2 dozen blocks and I still didn't like them. So, do you know what I did? Yes, I did! I took them apart! And found some bluer sky fabric and started all over again. Sometimes you just have to do things like that. Do you think I would have liked them better if I had sewn all 65 of them?!!

The ones below use the same roof fabric because I'm going to use them either in the very center of my quilt or on the outside in some way. Yes, I typically operate without a full plan.

I have between 18 and 24 of these with matching roofs
And here are 11 different prints for the roofs. This gives me a total of at least 65 blocks.

11 different prints for the roofs. I have 4 each of these matching pairs
Once I get the Sharks Teeth units off my design board, I will put these up and play with their placement. Oh, you never saw these blocks? These are paper pieced for 10" finished blocks. I have finished sewing the four corner blocks but still have the paper on. But take a look:

10" Shark's Teeth blocks
This is a pattern I have on Craftsy. See the link on the right. The pattern comes in 3", 4", 5", 6" and 10" sizes.

Now, when you paper piece, you can accumulate quite a bit of scraps. Can I show you some of my KF scraps?
Just some of my Kaffe Fassett scraps!
 Thanks for stopping by. I'll keep you posted on my development of these two quilts.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your houses put together. I have been wanting to try one of those quilts. Great fabric choices:)
    Have fun quilting!
    Connie :)

  2. Loved your blog! Thanks for posting this!

  3. what patience to take all the roofs oof and start again, liking house quilts but so far not made any though I have a few patterns really need to sort out my to do projects! Sharks teeth look good to. Finally had my first lesson in FPP and yes I managed to make a very basic block

  4. Debby, reading your design process, I see why I can't wait to see what you come up with next. You make quilting freeing even for those of us who aren't "artists". Houses are my favorite block. Thx for sharing.

  5. So what do you do with the smaller scraps that are less then say a decent 2.5 incheck wide strip?

  6. Hello Debby! It has been quite a long time since I have made a house block. The freedom you use in selecting fabric and deciding upon sizes, does it come from your years of quilting or does it come from your artistic side? I always find is so fascinating when quilters like you just let go and decide along the way and your quilts turn out so fantastic! I have been trying, slowly, through the years to let my very small artistic side come to the surface and go with it and it is always fun. That is another reason I have fallen for your blog, your ideas and designs. I can not wait to see what these two projects finish up like! Have a fantastic day "playing and discovering"!

  7. Those houses look wonderful. I hope to see them together soon to see what you've done. I liked them the first way, too, but the sky is also good. Sharks Teeth seems to be coming along quickly, but then I'm not the one making it. =)


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