All of Patricia's Blocks at Once!

Did you know that I have 22 Pinterest Boards? And 669 pins (mostly of my own quilts, blocks and tutorials). And one board is exclusively to showcase Patricia's blocks. I update it (or try to) each week with the reveal of the next 7 blocks here on my blog.

Patricia's Blocks from My Calendar currently has 166 pins. It's quite a feast for the eyes! And when I have a quilt I've made from any of the blocks, I add those, too. Check it out.

Quilter's Block a Day Calendar

3 Block Runner

All of Patricia's Blocks that she made in 2016!

My own Trillium Wreath (May)

King's Crown quilt (mine)

Another of my King's Crown quilts

The Good Luck quilt with 4 blocks (gifted to a child)

The Good Luck Quilt done in Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I still own this LARGE quilt
So, if you want to scroll through 166 images of Patricia's blocks (with a few of my own real quilts), take a visit to my Pinterest Board: Patricia's Blocks from My Calendar.


  1. Great blocks and your pinterest board.

  2. debby....
    i received your calendar for christmas from my boys...i have done EVERY one since january has been an adventure....and i WILL finish out the year...the question is....HOW WILL THEY ALL GO TOGETHER :)...i would like to know what YOU did with them....thanks for sharing patricia's janet

    1. Hi, Janet. There is no way to email you as your contact info doesn't show up here. I would love to see your blocks. Also, I have a pdf list of all the blocks by size which helps to plan out how to use them in quilts. I will share that in next Sunday's post. Send me an email:

  3. Such artistic work in setting each block for the pictures. I just love it!

  4. Hello Debby! I love to play on Pinterest, so I will definitely go and check out this board and see the other boards you have! Have a great day!

  5. Wow, I thought I had a lot of boards, but I'm just a piker compared to you. LOL Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to browse all of them! I don't normally spend much time on there unless I'm looking for something specific, because it can take your whole day in just a second. =) I mostly have mine to save things I want to remember.


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