Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 20

Today is May 14. Happy Mother's Day to you moms out there! My mom would have been 93 today.

Blanche and John Gawbill, my parents in the late 1940s (before I was born!)
She was not a quilter, but she did occasionally sew - a few curtains here and there. She had an old Singer that I learned to sew on when I joined 4-H back in the 1960s. We were making dirndl skirts, you know - a full, gathered skirt attached to a waistband. Garment sewing and I do not get along anymore. It's all about quilts!

Let's see another week's worth of Patricia's blocks!

May 14: Hourglass
May 14: Hourglass, 12"
 May 15: Illinois
May 15: Illinois, 18"
 May 16: Jack and Six
May 16: Jack and Six, 9"
 May 17: May Basket
May 17: May Basket, 10"
 May 18: Mosaic
May 18: Mosaic, 12"

May 19: Mexican Rose, 10"
 May 20: Pansy
May 20: Pansy, 8"
Wishing you a delightful day and a week with some quilting in there! See you again next time.


  1. I just love to look at these each week and see the beautiful blocks as well as the settings they are in.

  2. Happy Mothers Day Debby! Old photographs are fun to look at. Your Mother was a very beautiful woman and your Father was a very handsome man. Thank you for sharing this with us. Patricia's blocks are all glorious this week! Each of her settings are brilliant. I have had to go back several times and look at the details in each picture. The May Basket and the Mosaic are excellent set ups! Thank you both for sharing once again. Have a great day!


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