Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 19

We welcomed May this week. I love May. No possible snow, lots of sunshine, some rain, lots of flowers and all that Spring green. Let's see the blocks that Patricia made using my patterns from the Quilter's Block a Day Calendar.

May 7: Diamond Star
May 7: Diamond Star, 12"
May 8: Double V

May 8: Double V, 10"

May 9: Grandmother's Cross

May 9: Grandmother's Cross, 12"

May 10: Teardrops and Four Patch

May 10: Teardrops and Four Patch, 8.5"

May 11: Garden Paths
May 11: Garden Paths, 9"

May 12: Goose Tracks
May 12: Goose Tracks, 10"

May 13: Heavenly Problems

May 13: Heavenly Problems, 10"
Don't you love that angel perched there by Heavenly Problems? Makes me wonder what the creator of this vintage block was thinking when she designed it! I can only imagine that the heavenly problems are: what to do with all the misbehaving humans on earth!

Hope you enjoyed seeing another 7 blocks this week. May your Spring, wherever you live, be as lovely as mine is here on the East Coast of the USA!


  1. Just love the Diamond Star. So classic.

  2. I love seeing these every week! So inspiring. On my todo with some of my old calendars!

  3. Ooh, my favorite this week is the Diamond Star. I just love the colors used in this block ~smile~

  4. It's so different to see these actual blocks rather than the calendar drawings. Thanks for sharing another week of Patricia's beautiful photos of the blocks.


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