Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 21

Welcome to Week #21 of Patricia's beautiful blocks from my calendar designs. A lot of happy colors in the blocks to reflect all the beautiful colors happening out my window. Spring is bursting out all over!

May 21: Raspberry Compote

May 21: Raspberry Compote, 8"

May 22: Spring Bud

May 22: Spring Bud, 6"

May23: Sage Bud
May 23: Sage Bud, 12"

May 24: Sickle
May 24: Sickle, 12"

May 25: Spool
May 25: Spool, 8"
Can I show you a Spool Quilt I made about 20 years ago? A real scrap buster! I tried to find the pattern on my computer, but I can't remember what I named it. I'll keep looking and when I locate it, I'll get it to you.

Blue Scrappy Spools Quilt
May 26: Picture Frame

May 26: Picture Frame, 12"
 May 27: Country Roads
May 27: Country Roads, 10"
See you next Sunday. Have a wonderful week. I hope you get some stitching in!


  1. What a cool spool quilt! So pretty!! I love the things you put your beautiful blocks by to photograph them!! Those are very pretty flowers also. Love the animals. So nice!!

  2. Love the Spool Quilt Debby. I am thinking this would be a gorgeous scrappy quilt to make with my strings.

  3. Patricia, You made some fabulous blocks for this week. I absolutely love the way you set them up to take pictures. It is such a brilliant way bring out the pattern' Thank you and Debby for letting us see these fantastic blocks! Have a great day!


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