Vintage Circus Animal Patterns

Fifteen years ago I asked - and got permission from - the Kansas City Star to redraft the vintage Roly Poly Circus animals. They had appeared in their newspaper in the 1930s and had been created by Ruby McKim. It took a LOT of hours to redraw these. I didn't just scan the newspaper copies. I drew every, single line in Adobe Illustrator!

Here is a picture of the cover page:

Roly Poly Circus Animals
I created a 43 page booklet of these in easy to read pdf. I also partnered with an Atlanta friend who made the blocks in this quilt. This quilt is 33" x 47":
Circus Quilt Blocks by Leslie Sausville
Then I visited these blocks again for inspiration to offer this quilt in my 2012 Block a Day Calendar:
Circus Time Quilt: 42" x 58"
Block Size: 8" and 16"
Visit my Craftsy page to read about this amazing collection of redwork patterns and to find the two bonus quilt patterns as shown here. Summer's coming and we all love to sit and stitch without our machines! Circus Animals Bonanza Pattern is 58 pages of fun!


  1. Hi Debbie, My mother embroidered all of your circus animals. I now have them to make into baby quilts for future grandchildren. Thanks for sharing your terrific ideas.

  2. I remember seeing quilts from the original pattern when I was a child. The two examples you've shown are so adorable. Thanks for the heads up on this.


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