Revisiting the Vortex Quilts

First, the winner of this week's Liberty Garden fat quarter bundle is Angie of North Carolina. Congratulations, Angie!

I was working on a version of my Modern Vortex Quilt using more than two colors. You know, the Vortex Quilt . . .
Vortex Quilt, c. 1910
And my version . . .

Modern Vortex Quilt
A student from a few years ago used multiple colors for those wedges and I decided I wanted to make the same sort of sample. Jane does amazing long arm quilting, too!

Modern Vortex by Jane H. of Maryland
Here is a sample from last Tuesday's class. Linda B of Pennsylvania shared this pic with me (and gave her permission to share it:

Vortex quilt by Linda B. of PA
Back to that technicolor quilt. I began with 6 colored fabrics and a "white" solid background.

Multi-colored Dresden fan wedges
But, what happens when you THINK you have the SAME fabrics for the light fabric in the strips/strata and the background squares? Holy Cow! Was I disillusioned! Those white dresden tips are supposed to disappear into the background. Oh, well, right?

Multi-Colored Center with Brandon Mably and Kaffe Fassett setting triangles
I NEVER saw the difference in the two "white" fabrics until I photographed them on my deck. Was I ever WRONG! Now I have to start over (NOT) But, of course, the setting triangles are beautiful in that Philip Jacobs print (Brocade Peony), right? And the Aboriginal Dots by Kaffe in purple - well, that's all I had in my stash!

And, of course, I am NOT starting over. This is just a teaching sample to help my students understand what NOT to do when they are in the "fabric collection" part of making a quilt. I certainly am NOT taking anything apart.

When you make a Vortex quilt with all these colors, you have to cut for two blocks to get one. I have all the leftover wedges to make another center. But I'll wait until I no longer teach the class. They are part of my samples.


  1. I like the modern but the Red and White is spectacular. Mine is at the quilters right now.

  2. I'll never get all my VA "rabbits" found for my genealogy project when you keep sending me down the quilting rabbit trail. LOL I'm into modern phase and these are definitely being added to my list.

  3. LOVE the multi-colored vortex projects, double-love the quilting on the one by Jane of MD. I hope to have a completion photo soon for mine from Cleveland Expo 2017. I can only say I'm taking a slight detour from the background squares and setting triangles, somewhat making it up as I go along. SO much fun! Thanks as always for sharing and inspiration. (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  4. Amazing . . . that first one almost makes me dizzy, LOL.

  5. If it's quilted with a slightly off white thread, might that help it fade into the background? I like it any way. I also like the way Linda's seems like a spider web.

  6. I am in desperate search of a paper pieced dream catcher pattern that would be 8wide by 16 in long max. Anyone able to help out.


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