Book Panels Become Kids' Quilts

FIRST: Congratulations to Leslie W. of Alpharetta, GA who is the winner of the fat quarter bundle of Christmas fabrics from Windham! Thanks to everyone who left a comment.

Like I always say: to a quilter, anything in fabric can become a quilt! My friend Jeannine Davies likes to make baby quilts for all sorts of relatives and friends' babies. She has found using book panels is a quick way to get that done.

A little history here: about 3 years ago I came across a HUGE group of book panels for sale at my local quilt shop. When I say huge, I mean I had to buy about 15 at once (as they were bundled). But I think I only paid about $15 for the lot. And there were several other bundles there. I came home and called Jeannine and she went back the next day and bought some. We swapped a few and I have since given away many of those. But she and I kept a few and here are some of her most recent creations.

We had about a dozen of the Funky Monkey panels. Easy to cut up, add sashing and backing. She bought a Sock Monkey to go with each of the two she made.

Funky Monkey Quilt #1
 Twin quilts for two babies:

Two quilts

Aren't these sweet?
Then she also took a Pokey Little Puppy panel and added some pieced squares:
Pokey Little Puppy
And she made two of these! She used a pattern from a quilt magazine.

Two quilts with her kitty checking out the dogs on the quilt!
She used part of the panel to piece the back. Very clever, right?

Very clever label from the book panel!
So, if you need a child's quilt in a hurry, consider what Jeannine did. I know there are lots of ideas online. Simple is good enough for a child. After all, they want to see those fun blocks; they're not interested in your piecing skills!

Jeannine is putting the quilt sandwiches together on those Pokey Puppy quilts and will come down the street to my house and quilt them on my Handi Quilter Sweet 16. And, of course, she uses my quick binding by machine technique to get these done lickety-split!

Thank you, Jeannine, for sharing your quilts with us today.


  1. Hi Debby,
    I don't often use panels, but did make a nice Dr. Suess baby quilt earlier this year. I also have a dinosaur book panel to make soon. My issue with panels is that they do not make the blocks the same size so you always have to play around with trimming them to the smallest one's size. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Great ideas. I'll have to see if there is a panel in my stash...

  3. Wow, these are
    Carla from Utah

  4. Hello Debby! These are adorable quilts! My BF and weekend quilting buddy have each discovered we own a couple of book panels recently. We cut ours apart and then pieced them into quilt tops for Project Linus quilts and one for my Great Niece who loves to read! Thank you for sharing both of your ideas! Have a great day!

  5. These quilt are absolutely fantastic.Great idea to use panels!!

    Congrats to the winner.

  6. Oh, those are cute! I love that she put the sock monkeys with those quilts.

  7. I used a Christmas book panel and made my first great granddaughter a quilt I hope it is passed down thru the family after I am gone Also I have seen chenille quilts made made layers the book panels.

  8. I made some "books" a few years ago for our grandchild. your idea is so much better, wish I thought of that. Those little books I made are probably in the trash now, the quilt would still be around.

  9. Thank you, Debby, for sharing my quilts!! ....and thank you to everyone else for the nice comments :) The quilts did go together fast - even the Poky Puppy that had more piecing involved. Roseanne, I also had issue with the sizes of the blocks, and sometimes the printing is not straight. But I've learned that it's not as noticeable in the final product, so I try not to be too picky with it anymore. The Poky Puppy pattern called for cutting 8.5 in squares from the panels, so I centered as best I could, cut and moved on! Jeannine


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