Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 27

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends. The Fourth of July is Tuesday and this week includes three Americana themed (red, white and blue) blocks. Thanks again to Patricia Bryant for her delightful - and very creative - styling.

July 2: Zigzag Squares

July 2: Zigzag Squares, 8"
July 3: July Fourth Star
July 3: July Fourth Star, 12"

July 4: July Fourth (funny, huh? so original!)

July 4: July Fourth, 12"
July 5: Yankee Charm
July 5: Yankee Charm, 12"
July 6: Aunt Eliza's Star
July 6: Aunt Eliza's Star, 9"
July 7: Beggar's Block
July 7: Beggar's Block
July 8: Broken Dishes
July 8: Broken Dishes, 8"
Hope you enjoyed the show. In case you missed it, I shared TWO FREE patterns this past week for quilts. See you next week with another set of awesome blocks by Patricia Bryant of Australia.


  1. I wondering what the blocks are on so they stand up like that. The colors match the calendar pictures so well. Nicely done.

  2. Hi Debby,
    I hate to be redundant but I sure do enjoy seeing these. Broken dishes is always a block I enjoy - every.single.time. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Oh, my, I hope she already had broken dishes. =) Beautiful photos, as always. Thanks for sharing them.


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