Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 30

Seven more days. Seven more blocks. Patricia does not disappoint!

July 23: Ribbons. (Oh, how I have fond memories of the ribbon counter at the fabric store when I was more craft minded than quilt minded!)

July 23: Ribbons, 10"
 July 24: Ribbon Weave
July 24: Ribbon Weave
July 25: Rolling Pinwheels

July 25: Rolling Pinwheels, 12"

July 26: Lattice Square
July 26: Lattice Square, 12"

July 27: Shooting Squares

July 27: Shooting Squares, 6"

July 28: SpooL and Bobbin (Can you just imagine having ALL those colors available in your sewing room?)

July 28: Spool and Bobbin, 12"

July 29: Stepping Stones

July 29: Stepping Stones, 12"
Patricia does not disappoint! I love seeing all these settings. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed seeing seven more of her blocks made from my calendar of block patterns.


  1. her piecing skills are equal to her staging skills.

  2. Amazing photos again. Patricia's blocks & staging are always amazing.

  3. Beautiful. Look forward to seeing these each week

  4. Love all blocks and settings, especially the ribbon ones and the stepping stones.

  5. Wonderful, as always. I love the stepping stones block, in any color and anywhere it's photographed. That's a really nice one!


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