Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 28 and FREE Pattern

More lovely blocks this week. Patricia Bryant has outdone herself one more time. I'm not sure how she is propping up the blocks (this was asked last week), but they look so nice, don't they?

Did you know that I have a Pinterest Board with all these blocks (up through this week). I add each week's blocks (or try to) as they make their appearance here. Take a look: Patricia's Blocks. I think we're up to 196 blocks this week!

July 9: Chain of Squares. OK. What's with the chickens?
July 9: Chain of Squares, 12"
This Chain of Squares was made into a real quilt for Quilt Magazine many years ago. Here is the beautiful rendition made by a friend of mine:

Chain of Squares Quilt by Terese B. of Atlanta
Click the links above for the FREE pattern (65" x 77").

July 10: Crossroads
July 10: Crossroads, 12"
July 11: Diamond Panes
July 11: Diamond Panes, 9"
July 12: Illinois Rose. Now where did this Australian get a map of Illinois?
July 12: Illinois Rose, 12"
July 13: Double T (does the T stand for Teddy Bear?)
July 13: Double T, 9"
July 14: Exhibition Home
July 14: Exhibition Home, 10"
July 15: Flying Shuttles
July 15: Flying Shuttles
Lovely blocks in lovely fabrics. Thank you, once again, Patricia! See you all next Sunday.


  1. I love to see the settings as well as the blocks. And she matches the fabrics so closely!

  2. Lovely blocks. I love how they are in different settings and fun ways to show them off

  3. Thanks for the pattern for the quilt. I like that block a lot, and really enjoy making chain quilts. It will make a terrific scrappy leader-ender, too. Or RSC quilt.


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